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10 blog ideas to steal today.

by Victoria Keyworth / 20 October 2016

Blog posts are SEM gold, and a great way to get your brand voice across, but do you find it hard coming up with new ideas? You're not alone!

When we’re talking to clients about SEO and the importance of fresh content the concern is always the same

'but what do I write about?'

Well, you’re more interesting than you think; we firmly believe there’s a story in everything if you look hard enough! 
But for those days when your mind is completely blank and the tumbleweed keeps rolling through, we’ve come up with 10 simple blog posts any business can use! 

10 blog ideas your business should pinch

1. Meet The Team
These kinds of posts are great because you can publish them over time in a serial format. They're also a brilliant way to humanise your company and invite readers to relate to you!
You can talk about job role, what you do day-to-day, why you love your job. Or get a little personal and talk about what you do in your spare time and why your child/pet/houseplant is the best and most adorable in the world. 

2. Origin Story
Your business didn’t happen overnight. Tell us about your origins, where did the idea come from and how did it go from that little seedling to the mighty oak it is today?
Were there any trials you had to overcome? Unexpected successes along the way?
You could even list down your top 5 things every entrepreneur should know.  

3. Interview an Expert
By interviewing an expert in your field (or a related field) you’re not only positioning yourself within that expert’s fanbase, but there’s also the chance far more people will share your post because of your esteemed guest (perhaps even the guest themselves).
And if you can’t think of anyone you’d possibly want to interview? Interview yourself! You’re an incredibly interesting person with incredibly interesting insights… probably. 

4. Love To Be local
A great way to rank your business locally is to talk about things in your area! Whether that’s your favourite places to grab a cup of coffee, or your favourite independent shops. Sharing is caring and if you take the time to write an insightful post linking other business in the area, chances are they’ll share it too! 

5. Favourite Instagram Accounts To Follow
It’s tough to wade though the Instagram ocean sometimes, the sheer scale of posts relating to popular keywords makes it hard to find new, quality feeds.  We love being recommended beautifully curated feeds to follow, and we’re not alone!  Come up with your absolute favourite accounts, related to your industry or not - after all a little flattery never hurt anyone! 

6. A Day In The Life
No matter what your business is, people are always curious about the lives of others! Even if you think nothing much goes on in your office or shop, we bet it does!
Pick a day when you know there’s a new project starting or a delivery coming in and you automatically have a starting point. Feed your customers curiosity and give them a peek behind the scenes!

7. What's Trending In...
… whatever industry you’re in! Whether it’s seasonal changes or a bigger shift towards new technology, if you’re one of the first ones to notice an emerging trend then you’re going to be the resource people visit to find out more. When done well, this kind of post is invaluable for establishing you as an expert in your field. 

8. Keywords Are Your Friends
The most selfish of all blog posts - head over to your keyword planner and see what keywords are being search for the most in your area right now. Find one you like and write a blog surrounding that keyword, whether thats spotty socks or carrot cake. By writing a post so keenly relevant to what people are searching for your chance of ranking higher immediately increases. 

9. 5 Things You Didn't Know About...
... your industry. Is it more interesting than it sounds? Do you have any amazing facts about your industry that would never have even crossed our minds? Probably!
Instead of telling your customers the same old thing, tell them something they don't know!

10. Customer Success Story
This is a great one for not only showing off your products but showcasing that customers are happy with your service - it's like the worlds best testimonial, but with pictures and more flattery than a single quote can convey!
Nothing gives customers more confidence in a company than a great review. And SEO wise? Seeing as the subject matter is directly related to your business, it's a great oppourtunity to write some incredibly relevant keyword rich content - Google will love you for it!

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Victoria Keyworth

With a compulsion for content writing and a head for campaign strategy, when your social media marketing needs a refresh this is the girl to do it.

Keeping one eye on what's trending and one eye on your next big idea, she can help you make sure you're always ahead of the curve. She's also a big fan of the proper use of semicolons.

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