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3 Reasons To Use (Good) Infographics
In Your Content

by Karina Witton Dauris / 02 March 2014

1 – A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

A cliche perhaps but, in this day and age of information and mobile technology where everyone is constantly overwhelmed with information; emails, texts, tweets, posts, news feeds, instant messages, etc… etc… it’s no wonder that people have their filters turned right up to the maximum.

People have so little time to scan through everything they receive they can’t possibly take in every fact or detail so, in a world where speed is of the essence, a good infographic will convey the key pieces of information quickly and clearly.

2 – Interesting And Attention Grabbing

The real test of a good infographic is how effective it is in achieving the ‘Low importance, High Urgency’ score in the ‘Importance/Urgency’ matrix advocated by Time Management trainers.

How many times have you allowed yourself to be distracted and squandered 30 minutes (and the rest) viewing pictures posted on facebook rather than reading your industry news sites for that career saving white paper you need to get published? It is possible to grab the attention of busy people.

If your content isn’t interesting (not necessarily important or relevant) the chances are it’ll be dismissed before you’ve had the chance to say “content marketing”.

3 – It’s Easy To Share

Google Analytics data shows a growing trend in referral traffic from the more visual social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. During a recent Twitter webinar I learned that even twitter recommends adding images to tweets to generate more interest.

If your business isn’t particularly visual then infographics are a great way to dress up dry old boring data and turn it into something a lot more interesting but, why do you need to do this? Because people love sharing things that interest them. The more your content is shared, the more visibility you’ll gain in search engine results, the more influence you’ll having in social media and the more kudos you’ll brand will acquire online and, the more prospective customers will want to know who you are.

Finally, if laughter is good for your health then it’s got to be good for your business right? Laughter is infectious and people LOVE sharing funny things and talking about them.

Adding a little (and appropriate) humour to an infographic could be the difference between spiral or viral.

Karina WD

A dedicated digital marketing strategist who helps clients to develop and implement effective digital marketing plans that deliver measurable results and ROI. She helps clients grow their business by developing their online presence and lead generation programmes.

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