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A client's guide to critiquing design

by Alix Land / 04 Sept 2016

Picture the scene - you’ve just received a first proof from your designer. You’re not quite happy with it yet, but you’re also not quite sure how to explain why.
Well look no further, I've compiled a handy list of questions to ask yourself, which will guarantee the feedback you give your designer will be convey exactly what you mean. A meaningful critique is the most effective way to and get you closer to the final proof, which is the goal afterall!

Is there a strong concept behind it?

Or is it all style and no substance?

Does it work?

Does it achieve what you are setting out to do?

How does it make you feel?

Is the immediate visual impact appropriate?

Does the layout flow?

How are compositional elements used and do they work / make sense?

Will it appeal to the target audience?

Is it engaging, not to you, but to the intended audience?

Does it look ‘designed’?

Has appropriate care and attention been paid to important design elements like image cropping, white space and typography?

What exactly do you like or dislike, and why?

Be specific, even with the smallest details.

Remember, the most productive thing you can do for both you and your designer, is to just be honest. A good designer will never take offense to constructive criticism. Their job is to listen to what you want and work with you to create a finished design that you’re entirely happy with.

Whether you're looking for logo design, graphic design, creative design or web design in Hampshire, we can help! Fancy critiquing our design skills? Get in touch, or pop in for a chat.

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