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Break through your creative block with our top 5 tips

Alix Land / 3 November 2016

We all know the feeling of getting stuck with a project. Your brilliant ideas aren't quite working out how you thought they would and you're having trouble coming up with any new ones! When your job relies soley on your creativity and it's not playing ball, it can be incredibly frustrating, so here are 5 handy little tips for smashing through your creative block and getting that creativity flowing again!

Pomodoro Technique

Set yourself a time limit – the pressure of a deadline can force you to come up with a solution. The Pomodoro Technique is about working in short bursts of 25 minutes with a 5-minute break in between, and it helps focus your energy on completing a task that just won't budge.

pomodoro creative technique

Go for a walk

The very best way to get your creativity flowing. A walk not only gets fresh blood flowing around your body, but it also exposes you to new and unexpected stimulus that you'll never encounter sat at a desk. A good walk encourages you to break out of whatever creative rut or thought pattern you find yourself stuck in. Staring blankly at a computer monitor never did anyone any good!

Still not convinced? Just look at the difference in this brain scan after a 20-minute walk!

brain scan after a walk

Image credit: Fast Company

Re-pose the problem/question

One of the first questions I ask myself when I'm stuck is – am I trying to solve the right question? When you're going round in circles and not getting anywhere, or just hitting a brick wall, try re-posing the problem – this will help you to look at it from a different angle and come up with some new ideas, that perhaps didn't even apply to the previous question!

question everything


Sometimes you just need to start to see what happens – get busy with different pens / colours / mediums / techniques to get stuck in to the project, even if you have no clear direction (yet!). Sometimes working in a way you don't usually work is enough to kick start fresh ideas. Strangely this is also supposed to work with simple habits like rolling up your sleeves if you don't usually, or eating an orange when you're more of an apple person.

experiment creatively

Restrict yourself

As creatively freeing as a open brief is, sometimes it's simply the sheer scope of ideas that create a block. If you find answering an open brief is just too hard, why not set yourself some restrictions?

What if you were limited to just two colours? What if the design could only use illustration? What if you make the solution in a purely digital form? What if you had just 24 hours to complete it?

Restricting the approach you take focusses your efforts and makes that elusive answer a little clearer.

creative restrictions

Luckily for us, our arsenal of creative block sledge hammers means that they are few and far between in our studio!

But if you're still getting stuck? Another great way to keep those ideas coming is to bounce them off other people – collaboration is key! You'll often find us brainstorming ideas as a team, it's the quickest way to come up with that winning concept!

So if you're in need of a great idea or just want to watch us in action get in touch, or pop in for a coffee!

Alix Land

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