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Build your brand part 2 - spread the word.

by Victoria Keyworth / 26 April 2016

So you've defined your brand and you can't wait to get your name out there? Great! In the early days of your brand it’s important to become memorable and one of the most effective ways to do this is to generate buzz. There’s so much written on Buzz Marketing as a stand alone concept, in the book ‘Buzz Marketing’ by Mark Hughes, he identifies what he calls ‘the six buttons of buzz’

1. Taboo (controversial)
2. The Unusual (unique)
3. The Remarkable
4. The Outrageous
5. The Hilarious
6. Secrets (kept and revealed)

It seems so simple doesn't it, use topics that are guaranteed to get people talking and that's exactly what they'll do!

Take the recruitment consultants Reed, last year they took an entirely different (2. Unique) approach to a not particularly playful sector and their adverts became instantly memorable (5. The Hilarious)

just because your industry approaches things in a certain way doesn’t mean you have to, or should!
that’s a sure-fire way to get lost in the crowd.

This kind of buzzmarketing is also a really efficient way of targeting the kind of customers you know will engage with your brand. Opening a bar? Go outrageous, go hilarious, go controversial; the kinds of customers you want are they kind that will respond to your tactics.

This approach is also really useful for rebranding; looking to change your coffee shop from a more mature, cake and a snooze kind of a place to the sort of shop that sells drip coffee, wine at lunchtime and hosts book launches? Go bold, go unique and target your new demographic by spreading a different kind of message.

don't fall into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone

Decide who you want to market towards and nail them down. Don’t be vanilla, be whatever bold flavour you really are, some people will love it with a passion, others won’t and that’s completely okay.
In this vein, it’s important not to dilute your brand, if people start seeing a swirl of vanilla in their salted caramel they might start to question its integrity. So instead of slashing prices to generate interest, offer something more. It’s better to be seen to giving extra than the other way round, it’s the glass half full strategy. Seem successful, not struggling.

So spread the word, generate buzz, get people talking about you. Whether you use the buzzmarketing tactics, host an event/pop up shop, launch new offers … or perhaps something a little more daring. The key is to be bold and unique and memorable.

And once you've got people talking about you? Well that brings us to our next post 'Be More Social' ...

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Victoria Keyworth

With a compulsion for content writing and a head for campaign strategy, when your social media marketing needs a refresh this is the girl to do it.

Keeping one eye on what's trending and one eye on your next big idea, she can help you make sure you're always ahead of the curve. She's also a big fan of the proper use of semicolons.

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