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Content Marketing - What is it good for?

by Victoria Keyworth / 8 June 2016

Absolutely everything!

When’s the last time you browsed Facebook today? How about Twitter, or Instagram? Did you start the morning off with a coffee and a read of your favourite website? 

Consumers today are online more than ever, which means your job as a brand isn’t just to sell goods or services anymore. Businesses need to create personality for their brand; one that consumers will connect with, interact with and ultimately trust. After all, a trusted brand is the key to converting sales. 

Content marketing

...is more than just copywriting, it’s compelling, SEO friendly content that makes an impact. It’s a blog that leaves you full of good ideas, it’s a video that makes you laugh, it’s an envy-inducing instagram feed; it’s brilliant, brand specific content that people want to connect with and share!

This kind of 'pull' marketing is a direct response to consumers being less and less interested in being advertised towards. They want to feel as though they're getting something from their chosen brand, not like the brand is trying to take something from them.

Fresh new content

...is one of the most important considerations for SEO in 2016. In an incredibly competitive marketplace, the most effective way to rank higher on google is to post more and post often!
When it comes to SEO, it's important to remember that google takes into account how engaged your customers are on your website. In other words, you want them to kick off their shoes and make themselves right at home. The easiest way to do this? ... do I even need to say it? Engaging content!

Your website is a great platform to talk about what's topical or trending in your industry. The more interesting and relevant the content, the more google loves you and the more your potential customers see your social media channel/website as a worthwhile way to spend their time. You need to keep giving them something to come back to, that’s how potential customers become part of your brand community. 

Brand community

...means loyalty and a wide, ever-expanding reach. If you need help with your brand community, content marketing is the key and that’s where we come in! 

A good content strategy can live for years. Whether you'd like some guidance for your long term strategy, or you'd like to leave it entirely in the hands of our lovely content team; get in touch, or pop in for a chat to see how we can help!

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Victoria Keyworth

With a compulsion for content writing and a head for campaign strategy, when your social media marketing needs a refresh this is the girl to do it.

Keeping one eye on what's trending and one eye on your next big idea, she can help you make sure you're always ahead of the curve. She's also a big fan of the proper use of semicolons.

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