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by Karina WD / 01 March 2016

I always thoroughly enjoy every opportunity to share my knowledge, observations and experience with, well, anyone who’s willing to listen really, and last week’s talk that I gave to a lovely group of people in Winchester was no exception.

Ronnie Cloke Browne from the Career Break People, runs a series of talks she brands Pilates for the Mind. Held in various locations around the Winchester area, the talks are designed for people who are on a career break. They are on a very wide range of topics and give people an opportinuty to stay current on what’s going on in the world and help prepare for a possible return to a career.

I was invited back for a second time to do a talk on 'the good and bad in web design’. It was held at a fantastic meeting facility in Kingsworthy called The Workstead, which is the perfect place for anyone who works alone and from home to go to and work for the day, hang out with other lone workers, bounce ideas around and collaborate on projects.

When I’m giving talks, I like to make them as interactive as possible and encourage lots of questions and sharing of stories and anecdotes. It all helps to build upon what you already know and "Sharpen the Saw" as Stephen Covey would say.

Download my PowerPoint presentation for an insight into what’s good and bad in web design.

If you would like me to do a talk on any aspect of digital marketing on topics such as AdWords, Google Analytics, Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Visibility, Brand Identity, Blog Writing, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy then feel free to contact me.

A lovely bunch, although I couldn’t quite squeeze them all into this photo!

Karina WD

A dedicated digital marketing strategist who helps clients to develop and implement effective digital marketing plans that deliver measurable results and ROI. She helps clients grow their business by developing their online presence and lead generation programmes.

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