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Getting a Lightbox to work with Elastislide

by Adi Goater / 15 Nov 2013

Recently I was working on a web design project and I needed to get the jQuery plugin fancybox to work with the jQuery carousel Elastislide. They both worked independently of one another, however when they were combined neither worked!?

After much code tweaking I finally found a solution…

If I added “onClick: null” into the options of the javascript, it worked! (see the code below)

I have seen this question asked a few times in stackoverflow and thought I could help other developers facing a similar problem!

minItems : 3,
onClick: null

Adi Goater

A talented creative web developer, adept in realising our clients ideas. Specialising in PHP, CSS, MySQL and Javascript, he builds bespoke websites and other online media solutions.

With an inherent passion for Digital Marketing, his fingers are on the pulse of new developments and personifies our work culture of operating within industry best practices.

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