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Image is everything on social!

by Karina Witton Dauris / 09 May 2014

Is everyone eles’s business better than yours?

My inspiration for this blog post came from a conversation I had with a client during a social media strategy meeting recently. We were talking about how emotive channels like facebook can be. My client was saying that her daughter often feels down because everyone on facebook (or GloatBook as my husband dubs it) appears to be prettier, more popular, leading a more exciting life, has more friends, has more money, achieves more etc… etc… than her.

We went on to agree that the exact same thing happens in business. If you look around and see what your competitors are doing, you might be left feeling like other businesses seem bigger, better, got more clients, more clever, more professional, have more staff, got more exciting projects, is more successful than yours but that is exactly what marketing is all about – Perception! Positioning your business and presenting yourself in a way that’s appealing to your target audience(s)/prospective customers?

Strengthen your social strategy

In your regular routine of social media activities, I’d recommend that you set aside some time to review what your competitors are doing and saying on social. Find businesses whom you aspire to be like, define what it is that you like about their style and then emulate it and improve upon it.

Define how you would like your business to appear in the eye of your prospective customers. Plan your messages before publishing and cross check that each message fits with your brand strategy.

Remember your adapt your tone and language appropriately for each social channel and audience that you are addressing.

Always use tools like Hootsuite and Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your posts. The data will tell you the real truth about how popular your brand really is.

Karina WD

A dedicated digital marketing strategist who helps clients to develop and implement effective digital marketing plans that deliver measurable results and ROI. She helps clients grow their business by developing their online presence and lead generation programmes.

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