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So you think you want an App?

by Phil Carre / 30 Jan 2014

We often meet people who want a mobile app to accompany their website. In nearly all cases, what they really want is the look and experience of an app, but not the additional functionality that an app could provide.

If you don’t need to use the built in functions of mobile devices such as GPS, camera, text messaging or access to contact details then another option is a ‘responsive’ website (adapts itself when displayed on a mobile device), or a custom built website for mobile devices. With HTML 5 and CSS 3 it is possible to create websites which replicate the useability, look and slickness people associate with apps, but without the higher development and ongoing costs involved with maintaining code for at least three platforms.

An app will give you more functionality if you need it, possibly speed and a degree of function when there’s no data connection. There’s also an element of kudos to having an app and some people just want one.

If you think you need an app, talk to us and we’ll tell you in plain English what your options are.

Phil Carré

With a background in typographical design, print and associated technology, he specialises in Web architecture, database structures and programming. He also manages the day-to-day operation of the company.

He promotes a Customer First culture to act with honesty and integrity and to always do the right thing by our clients.

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