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Stay ahead with fast, reliable web hosting.

by Ben Reilly / 03 March 2020

You know how valuable your website is, so don’t skimp on how it is hosted or the technical support you will need.

To keep your website running at peak performance Think Creative offers a range of services including:

Choosing the right server
We provide a range of options for speed and security, from a shared virtual private server (VPS) containing a handful of sites, to a VPS exclusively for your site, a shared server using dedicated hardware (dedicated server), or a dedicated server just for your site.

Server Management
As we know our way round a server control panel we will manage the technical functions so you don’t need to worry about it.

Security is key
Google and other browsers will flag up if you’re not using HTTPS and will ‘distrust’ your website. All our hosting is provided with an SSL certificate to enable the use of HTTPS so that your website's connection is always encrypted. We take care of setup and renewal of the SSL certificate.

Get your back-up
It’s sensible to arrange for your site to be backed-up onsite daily or as a second layer of security, for even greater peace of mind, do regular off- site back-ups.

Malware scanning and removal
In the unlikely event that the malware scanners find something untoward we’ll remove it asap and do work to try to prevent the problem re-occuring.

Support relating to Domain hosting and DNS
From time to time you will need help with your domain settings ranging from where you point your web site domains and sub domains to CNAMEs, TXT records and MX records.

Support relating to your content management system (CMS)
If you're having trouble doing something in the ‘back-end’ we can talk it through on the phone or look at it online.

Staying live
Uptime monitoring checks your site every 5 minutes to make sure it’s live. We’ll get an alert if there’s something wrong and we’ll be on the case asap.

Site repair and reinstatement
If anything goes wrong we’ll get it fixed as quickly as we can.

Wordpress updates
If the website is built using Wordpress then we'll make sure Wordpress and its plugins are up to date.

Work required after updates
Some updates cause things to go wrong, so we make sure we fix things if that happens.


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Ben Reilly

Ben built his passion for all things web studying Digital Media at University. With a great understanding of HTML, CSS and content management systems, he is now a skilful front-end web developer and digital marketing specialist who cares deeply about creating effective online user experiences.

He enjoys collaborating with clients to develop provocative and compelling digital products that help build meaningful relationships between brands and their audience… whilst drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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