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Work experience at Think Creative

by Amy Heathorn / 25 August 2014

Hello, my name’s Amy, and I have just completed a week of work experience with the ThinkCreative team at their thriving design studio in the heart of Winchester.

Having just graduated from University of Portsmouth with a degree in Graphic Design and Communication, I sought work experience in the local area in order to both enrich my portfolio and to develop my understanding of which areas of Graphic Design I wish to pursue.

The week of experience arrived, and before I knew it I was settled into my own desk and assigned a live brief from one of ThinkCreative’s loyal clients. I got stuck straight in to the fast-paced atmosphere of the studio, and enjoyed every challenge that followed that first morning. I was given a wide-range of projects to multitask with from varying clients, including printed advertisements for a fashion store, illustrated maps for a local school, web page design for an online shop, and even logo development for a company with thousands of customers. I received excellent support and mentoring from all of the designers here, and nothing seemed too much trouble. I learnt more here than I thought possible in one week within a design environment.

Working on such projects provided an incredible opportunity for me. Some of the work challenged my skill set, but having these amazing pieces of client work to now include in my portfolio, which I am proud of, will prove both useful and hopefully rewarding.

The ThinkCreative team are focused entirely around their clients, and this is reflected in the work they produce and their attention to detail. It was great to work on a broad range of client briefs, covering illustration, branding, editorial, and even web design. The week provided me with a valuable insight into the working process of a real life design studio. I noticed how closely ThinkCreative work with their clients, by communicating with them throughout the design process to ensure that the final conclusion is exactly what the customer had hoped for. There is no doubt that the skills I have learnt here will prove very useful in the near future, and I cannot thank ThinkCreative enough for the time they dedicated to me.

Nic Rhodes

A fashionable, unique individual who helps our clients realise their potential via online marketing campaigns.

Adept at Markeing Strategy projects utilising his passion for creating bespoke Bootstrap sites. He also has a growing passion for Graphic Design.

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