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Work experience with Think Creative

by Emily Kennedy / 17 July 2017

My first ever work experience started on a Monday morning in late June with Think Creative. My school, St Swithun’s, had helped organise the whole year of 16 year olds into different jobs and businesses where we would go to and learn from for three days, all we had to do was list three jobs which they could potentially go into. When I heard that I was going to Think Creative I was excited but I was also extremely nervous. I had expected to be in a crowded, boring office where I would be sitting a desk for the whole seven hours or maybe if I were lucky I would occasionally trailing behind a scary, middle-aged worker and after those three days maybe I would learn a little bit about digital marketing and graphic design.

Of course, I got terribly lost on the first day of work experience, however after my third brisk walk up the high street I found the office. I was already a bundle of nerves from my bad expectations, but when I walked into the office I was greeted by a lot of friendly faces and was sat down at my own spacious desk. After explaining my situation, I was reassured that everything was fine and I was introduced to the team: Lydia, Lucy, Alix, Phil and Mark. Lydia after making sure that I fully calmed down gave me the job of investigating the clients that they worked for. While I was doing this, I made note of the layout, the colour pallet and feel and finally the type of audience the website aimed to attract. After getting a mental image of their clients Lydia introduced me to digital marketing. The digital marketing that she focused on didn’t aim to advertise the clients, but more reach out to potential buyers and promote the business. She quickly showed me the twitter and Instagram accounts that she controlled and showed me some examples of the posts she posted on a daily basis.

After lunch, Lucy who also specialised with digital marketing and advertising took me around Winchester with some Rawlings glasses. The aim of this short outing was to take photos of the glasses in locations which helped promote and bring together the community where the shop was situated in. After teaching me how to take the most effective photograph, we went back to the office and I had a short crash course on how to edit photos so that they were good to post. After this I had the job of captioning the three photos that we took, and I was told the dates of the days they were to be posted on to help me. After that my first day of work experience was over.


The next day when I went into the office I met two other members of the team: Jake and his adorable dog, Oscar. I was then educated by Lydia about Hootsuite, an app which organises posts for each day, and was allowed to help out and try it out for some posts. Followed by this, I had enough time to draw a chalk Mandala around the Nespresso holder on the black board. After taking a couple of photos of Oscar and my Mandala I had some time to do some paperwork for Phil.

Images from Work Experience

In the afternoon, Mark showed me some of the sites he designed and worked on. He told me about the importance of the layout and the interviews. When making a magazine or a website it’s important that it catches the reader’s attention as well as meeting the needs and demands of the company. He showed me the office apps he uses to build the website, and I later found out that he worked for my school’s magazine, the VIBE with Alix! I went to talk with Jake next, who is the communicator and the talker of the company. He is the guy who picks up the phone and makes sure the client gets a cup of tea and is comfortable etcetera. His job is to reach out to potential clients and lets them know that Think Creative is there if they need them. Jake goes around, usually with Mark, to interview and meet clients, but also frequently talks to their clients via the office phone. Lucy then introduced me to Facebook advertising and showed me the set up a’ve d tools that helped with it. She helped me see the correlation between the quality of the advert and how successful it was, the most effective adverts were the ones which the consumer could relate to, the advert also depended on the audience. She then also taught me about the importance of the hashtag, something that I didn’t think was relevant until I realised that it helped reach out to a lot more customers then I had imagined. I was then given the job to find some useful hashtags which were quite niche and not too popular which could be potentially used for the posts.

On my final day with think creative Alix showed me some of the logos she designed and put together. Alix specialises in Graphic Design, which she does by sketching then transferring her ideas to the computer. First Alix would meet the client, and give them a few ideas on logos, and try to adapt her ideas to what they desire. Then it’s more meetings and making sure that the company is satisfied. After pitching several ideas, she come to a final decision where she can then plan other things such as the colour scheme of the website, brochures and work cards. She pitches these ideas also and then a final decision is made and confirmed with the buyer. I think I was particularly interested in this because I like to draw and design new things and see it being used. Followed by this Phil showed me how to photo shop, something which I had done and failed at before. However now, I have created some successful photos and can edit and create new photos a lot better than before.

I was super surprised with how work experience turned out. I expected it to be so boring and dull, and I didn’t expect to learn much either, but now I’ve learnt so much about marketing and graphic design and how it is all done and organised. I will really miss the team and the work done here, and I wish that I could work here for a little longer. Think Creative has helped me define my career path and has given me a lot of ideas for the things I want to do in the future. I am so grateful for this experience and I really would recommend it to anyone looking for work experience.

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