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A new website for Specialist Piling Solutions

The Brief

Specialist Piling Solutions approached us to redesign their new website. Their old website had dated content and was hard to navigate with irregular formatting from ad hoc updates and quick fixes. We were asked to create a new website that was clean, easy to navigate for all their clientele. The main focus of the website was creating a user experience that made the finding and enquiring about specific services as easy as possible.

Imac with the specialist piling solutions website
macbook with the services section
before and after of the specialist piling solutions website

What we did

We approached the website design armed with a wealth of industry research to create the best user experience possible. Opting for a fresh, clean visual style with bold typography and plenty of white space. The site was created around a design system that utilised 'sticky' navigation sidebar so that the user could find whatever page they needed regardless where they where on the page. 

specialist piling solutions contact form on mobile
specialist piling solutions website pages

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