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Content Marketing is more than just copywriting, it’s compelling, SEO friendly content that makes an impact.

It’s a blog that leaves you full of good ideas, it’s a video that makes you laugh, it’s an envy-inducing Instagram feed; it’s brilliant, brand specific content that people want to connect with and share!

No matter what product or service your business offers, customers expect more and more in this ‘age of social’.

Not only does Google index your Facebook and Twitter feed, but it indexes any content you share, so it’s important that whatever content you use benefits your brand presence.

Once you tempt your potential customers to your website with your brilliant content on social, the key is to get them to spend as long as possible on your site. The best way to do this? Engaging content.

*This isn’t an entirely selfless goal either; Google takes into account how engaged your customers are on your website. The longer they spend browsing your content, the more Google deems your site relevant to their search terms and the higher you are ranked.*

Content marketing has proven itself to be the most important consideration for SEO in recent years. So if you’d like to find out more about content marketing, whether you’re after a managed strategy or just a little guidance, feel free to get in touch or pop in for a chat!

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Strong imagery is important for any business, it tells people a lot about your brand personality, so it’s vital it represents you well. We’re always camera ready, whether you need imagery for your website, staff headshots, or some beautiful content you can share across social media.

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Video Marketing

Video is arguably even more important than photography when it comes to digital marketing. It’s not just great in terms of engaging your audience, it’s also a strong SEO tool - you’re 53x more likely to show up first on Google is you have a video embedded on your site.

Mobile in mind

With more consumers browsing on their mobiles than ever before, it only makes sense to create content that appeals to them. YouTube revealed that mobile video viewing rises 100% every year. With 90% of consumers watching videos on their mobiles and the number of smartphone users only increasing, it’s an expanding audience that is always hungry for more content.

Content clarity

If you want to include video somewhere in your marketing strategy but you’re not sure how, a service/product video is a great place to start. Engaging animations that explain more about your brand or service are a simple, but incredibly effective way to connect with your audience.

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A well designed graphic is a great way to get branded content out there. Whether it’s a detailed infographic or something more simple, our designers craft beautifully bespoke, shareable content your brand can be proud of.

Promote your brand

Unlike photography, graphics are often instantly recognisable as belonging to a brand. Visual cues, colour palettes and logos combine to create distinctive designs that showcase your branding beautifully. Good graphic design is about consistently communicating who you are, it’s about brand awareness, engaging content and looking incredible.


Brand Personality

At it’s heart, blogging is a way of letting your audience get to know you. It’s more personal than an article and more opinionated than copywriting. Blogs can be informative, instructive or just a fun space to chat about that great idea you had in the shower this morning.

SEO Friendly

Blogs play a vital role in SEO. They’re shareable, continually fresh content that drive traffic to your website - they’re gold dust.

Inspired to get your blogger hat on? Check out our top 10 blog ideas to steal, and get cracking! -

Blog Management

Blogging regularly is a bigger commitment than a lot of businesses realise starting out and it’s so easy to let your schedule slip. If you’d like to outsource your blogging we have a range of packages to suit every budget, including a bespoke option to create a package completely unique to you.

Blog Packages

Package The Essential The Booster The Supercharger Bespoke
What does it do for you? Maintain a consistent brand presence on social. Regular SEO friendly content Boost your brand presence on social and search, drive growth and engagement Build and grow your brand. Supercharge your authority with collaborative brand posts  
Monthly cost £150 £450 £750 £ quoted
One-off cost at start +£110 setup and planning session fee +£220 setup and planning session fee +£500 setup and planning session fee  
What you get 1 blog post per month (300–350 words) 3 blog posts per month 4 brand & 1 collaborative blog posts per month