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Email Marketing

From providing technical support to manage your own campaigns through to outsourcing your entire email marketing programme to us, our expertise will help you to deliver impactful emails that get the right reaction.

Email Template Creation

Want to control, manage and update your own email campaigns on an ongoing basis but require a bespoke template and occasional technical support? We will work closely with your marketing department to build a html template that can be imported into any email marketing system of your choice.

Email Campaign Design

Need help to determine your key marketing messaging that will really create the right reaction? We can help you to hone your; objectives, key marketing proposition, substantiating copy, graphic design and call to action that will achieve that goal. We can design the entire campaign in line with your company brand guidelines and 'tone of voice'.

Email Marketing Outsourcing

We’ll work closely with your marketing team to create a direct email marketing strategy and plan a whole series of direct email campaigns as a part of your digital marketing programme.

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