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Our Squarespace development service


Our team can take your existing Squarespace website and work on design ideas for you to review. You can work with one of our designers to achieve what you need. We'll restructure the existing content and develop new content to help you generate leads using organic search and Google or Bing Ads.

Design Refresh or Re-skin

If you think your Squarespace website needs a design refresh then we can work on the design and do all the front-end development necessary. We can work with your existing content and just change the skin of the website to create a dramatically improved online presence.

Theme modifications

Most of the Squarespace work we do involves modifying themes. We work with clients to add their particular styling and functionality to a purchased theme.

New theme

If none of the several hundred themes available for Squarespace seems right for your website then we can create one from scratch. It can be a fairly lengthy process, but it will be exactly the way you want it.

Repairs and upgrades

We can repair broken Squarespace websites. Many sites that we now host and look after are ones where we’ve fixed all the problems, done some upgrades, put them on some fast hosting and they’re running just fine.

Custom theme

We can develop a theme from scratch if none of the hundreds of themes available work for you.

Squarespace eCommerce

We are experienced in Woo Commerce, the plugin for Squarespace which adds ecommerce functionality. Whilst Squarespace is a versatile and cost effective ecommerce solution, for more advanced ecommerce where more complex bundled products, multiple front-ends or backend integration are needed then Magento is a better solution.

Squarespace SEO

There are a number of plug-ins and tactics that we can use to improve the organic search ranking of a Squarespace website. We can provide a monthly SEO package where we do the work or if you want to do your own SEO we can set things up and give you some training to get you going and them provide support as and when required.

Part built sites

If you’ve taken your Squarespace site as far as you can and need a company with the time and expertise to finish the job, then we can do that. If your original developer has gone to Australia or stopped answering the phone we can step in to get the site completed.

Where to find themes?

Theme Forest has hundreds of Squarespace themes. Remember, when you get a theme, all the images and textual content which has been used to demonstrate it online will not be in there and applying it to your Squarespace site may have a rather disappointing result. We can do all the work necessary to make your content work in your chosen theme.

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