Crafting a beautiful website for The Oak and Pine Barn

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Oak and Pine Barn is a team of craftsmen who create beautiful, handmade oak, pine, and elm tables and furniture. They approached us to create a website that would showcase their products and make it easy for customers to enquire about and purchase their furniture. We wanted the design of the website to reflect the craftsmanship of Oak and Pine Barn’s products. We chose a minimal and clean design with serif fonts and cool grey tones. This design allows the products to stand out and makes it easy for users to navigate the website. By using WordPress and Elementor to build the site we were also able to provide an easy to manage back-end.

One of the main goals of the website was to make it easy for customers to enquire about their desired piece of furniture. To achieve this, we created enquiry forms that pre-fill with information based on the user’s selection. We also wanted to provide users with dynamic information based on their selection. For example, when a user selects a specific table length and width, the seating capacity and price will update dynamically. This helps users to get a better idea of what they’re getting and how much it will cost to improve the user journey and to increase quality enquiries.

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