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Animation & Video

We can produce engaging animated content for your customers and prospects, whether that’s creating an animation from scratch, or editing and adding animation to your pre-existing video materials.

  • Explainer Videos
  • Video Editing
  • Animated Logos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Social Media Content
  • Digital Advertisements

Bring your brand to life

We can animate your brand assets, such as your logo for use on your existing materials or breathe life into your website with customised icon animations at a fraction of the load time of a typical video file.

Dynamic explainer videos

We can use animation as a tool to help explain complicated or lengthy subjects in a dynamic way. Using your brand assets and our creative skill we can make your content come to life.

Video editing

We can transform your footage to create engaging content for your audiences. By combining your footage with our graphics, animations and creativity we can create stunning content that makes your brand stand out.

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. We can work with you and your team to ensure your brand moves and animates inline with your brand identity to ensure a better experience for your audience.

Logo Animation

Want a swish logo animation for your social media, video content and website assets? Our creative team can take your static logo and create a dynamic animation to top and tail all of your video content.

Motion Graphics

We can produce suites of animated content such as infographics, characters and branded graphics for website content, social media or presentations. We can also produce guidelines to ensure consistency across all of your marketing touchpoints and suppliers.

Animations for Web

We can use .Lottie animations to bring the graphics on your website to life. At up to 600x smaller than standard GIF files and 10x better conversion rates they are amazing ways to bring your website and app content to life.

Explainer videos

Our in-house creative teams can create engaging explainer animations and communicate your messaging and products, clearly and concisely. This is how we do it:

To kick things off we discuss the objectives, narrative and outcome of the video and work with you to get to know your brand and how we can make it come to life. We then develop a script centred around your message and audience. This will serve as the framework for your video. We can also source voiceover talent for you if you require narration.

We combine rough visuals with the script in a pdf document so you can see the shots in order, understand and refine the timings and see a static version of your video. This is paired with a selection of finalised static illustrations and graphics that visualise the look of the finished video. We also research and develop any 3D renders, animation styles and grading on a small scale to help dictate the art direction of the video.

Our favourite part! Our creative team animate, splice and create footage bringing our collaborative vision to reality. We can mix the sound, add extras like subtitles or translations and export the video in a variety of sizes to meet your usage needs. All you need to do is click play and enjoy!

Process Video Fallback

Smith & Nephew: Shared Wound Care campaign

A motion graphics explainer video for a FTSE 100 Pharma company. We produced this animation using the Smith & Nephew brand guidelines creating our own illustration style for the Shared Wound Care campaign.

JCB Tools: E-Tech Product Videos

A range of 16 videos for the JCB Tool E-Tech product range and their corded power tools. This Mitre Saw video is an example of the series we produced combining live action footage, motion graphics and CGI product renders. This was used online, on social media and in Amazon product listings.

Hidden Hearing: World Hearing Day campaign

To celebrate World Hearing Day we produced a short social media animation for Hidden Hearing, a nationwide organisation with over 280 hearing clinics. Using their brand illustrations we created a dynamic infographic animation to educate their audience on the impacts of hearing loss.

WinACC: Solar Farms Initiative

We wrote, produced and animated a captivating animation, seamlessly integrating live footage, dynamic motion graphics, and CGI motion graphics. Its purpose was to be a powerful tool in swiftly debunking myths surrounding the benefits of solar farms for Farmers, Food, and Energy.

Want to get started to animating your brand?

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