New WinACC website design for local positive change


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We at Think Creative are proud to have designed and developed a new WordPress website for Winchester Action on the Climate Crisis (WinACC), an organisation that works tirelessly to bring communities, councils, organisations, and people together in the Winchester District to respond to the climate crisis and create positive, sustainable change.

Four years after we rebranded WinACC, we had the opportunity to work with them again on a new website design. Our aim was to provide clear navigation across their six key areas where they make a difference which are full of content, information, and news. We utilised an easy-to-use content management system using WordPress and Elementor, resulting in a clean UX with a considered approach to accessibility.

In addition to an improved navigation, we placed a stronger emphasis on increasing donations to support WinACC’s mission. We are confident that the new website will help them reach a wider audience and drive more positive change in the community. 

We love to work with not-for-profit and charitable organisations to help make a difference, so if you have a need for support to improve your fundraising, please get in touch.

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