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More than ever, people have been reaching out to online to make choices about their diet and lifestyle. The Health Food Manufacturer’s Association approached us with the vision of creating an online hub of resources that aims to educate and inform the consumer about natural approaches to health, and to drive footfall into health stores. We created a brand, the digital platform and a range of campaign assets and content to promote their cause.

Your life, your health… HealthyDoesIt.

We wanted the brand to focus on its core services and be accessible and evenly balanced. Inspired by exemplary leaders in the health food space, we filled the brand with personality, depth and contrast for a vibrant user experience. The look and feel features a blend of organic, flowing shapes set alongside a fixed, accurate grid graphic symbolising HealthyDoesIt’s balance of expertise and precision in the world of natural health. Supplemented with vivid colours and texture to give it depth and personality.

Trusted, Reliable, Accurate.

The homepage of the site is designed to be a vibrant, rich landing page packed with health and expertise at first load. Utilising a sleek UX, smooth CSS animations and confident and authoritative use of dark greys for a punchy and clean user experience.

The user is flowed into ‘The Library’, the hub of the resources, with clean, editorial layouts including filter functionality to find content across all categories. On top of this wealth of content, the user can use the ‘Health Store Finder’ - a custom feature that allows the user to find any health store in the UK to purchase items with their newly acquired knowledge of health foods.

To spread the word of this great initiative, we then expanded the identity of the primary brand into campaign brands, adding in additional colours, icon suites and animations to create captivating and engaging content to promote different topics within the health food sector, and most importantly getting new users onto the site.

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