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A new website for design-led solar

Web Design

Web Development

Leoht Website Mac

What we did

Leoht’s mission is simple, to accelerate the adoption of residential renewable energy in the UK and increase people’s self-sufficiency. By providing homeowners with high performing – quality solar power systems in a way that is clear, transparent and accurate with competitive pricing. Leoht approached us to help them redesign, rebuild and support their website to help make this mission achievable. Using the brand’s strapline ‘design-led solar’ as our primary source of inspiration, we reimagined Leoht’s digital presence to be warm, transparent and relatable. We achieved this by using colours, imagery and photography that balances feelings of cutting edge and sustainability throughout the user experience. We also brought the brands mascot, Frank, to life using lottie animations to bring a sense of personality and fun to the site using bespoke animations to help guide the user through the process.


week project duration


Increase in performance


/100 google page speed on desktop

Bespoke Calculator Plugin

One of the key selling points for the Leoht website was their online calculators. Created to help users work out what system would work best for them, how much energy it would generate, how much installation would cost and what their return on investment could look like. Built using paid for 3rd party plug ins, the calculators were expensive and poor performing on the previous site. To solve this, we created a custom plug in that allowed us to fully design the calculators to work on all devices, more functionality and control of the data and user tracking as well as a significant increase in page performance to help the user experience.

Leoht Iphone Scroll Fallback