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Video & Animation

We were asked by MicroBioSensor to help create a brand identity for their new medical device to treat peritoneal dialysis. We worked with them to create a brand strategy, establish initial naming ideas, define the objectives to focus on and research markets that we would need to appeal to before we could begin creating graphic devices as a basis of the new visual identity. Once we had a starting point for the approach and look and feel, we began conducting interviews and strategy sessions with PD nurses and consultants to help get their insight on the creative process. This helped us establish the product's name, QuickCheck - a name that establishes the product's USP of being able to test potential infection days quicker than the competition. The logotype and integrated icon symbolise the laser technology used in this device.

The next step of the process was to create a dynamic, engaging explainer animation. We developed a stylised, rounded flat illustration style, creating a soft and personable look and feel. Circles and disc shapes were heavily used in the composition as a graphical way to tie into both the logo and to represent the cells that the device scans.

A long continuous line was used multiple times to represent the laser, visually tie the elements together and as an abstract interpretation of the continuous care the device offers. We directed the voiceover having worked with the MicroBioSensor team to write the script and together created an effective sales tool for the product. All accompanied by a technical specification flyer in the same graphical style.

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