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We created a Shopify store which (naturally) integrates perfectly with the Shopify In-Store POS system they were using; this meant their product uploads, sales, inventory, discount codes and payments all run through one simple system.  The Shopify system also links into their Instagram account (allowing us to seamlessly activate their Instagram Shopping) and Mailchimp platform to control their email marketing and mailing lists.

Having your Shopify product catalogue sync with your Instagram and your in-store Shopify POS talk to your Mailchimpnot only saves the business time but dramatically increases sales opportunities. An example of a customer journey is as follows:

  • they make their initial purchase in-store and sign up to the mailing list at the checkout
  • their details are automatically added to Mailchimp
  • details of an upcoming sale or discount code are emailed out and then direct the customer to the website to make more potential purchases.

Where most email addresses are collected from their customers they have an exceptionally high click-through and conversion rate on their marketing emails.

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