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Utilita Arena

Rebranding the busiest exhibition venue in the North East of England


Graphic Design

Utilita Arena

The Utilita Arena is the largest concert and exhibition venue in the North East of England with over 11000 seats. The energy provider, Utilita became the principal sponsor of the venue in 2018 and we were tasked to create a young, fresh and vibrant brand to apply across the whole venue, as well as in print and online. Since the success of the Utitia’s partnership with the venue, they have expanded to numerous large venues and arenas across the country.

Utilita Video Fallback

Taking cues from the shape of the building we designed a unique set of vibrant patterns, in a myriad of colours, to sell the excitement of the arena events. This idea expanded into a toolkit that is capable of transforming marketing materials at any scale; from event tickets to massive outdoor posters.