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WinAcc Logo with Background

Winchester Action on the Climate Crisis (WinACC) is a local charity in our home town. They work to bring communities, Councils, organisations and people together in Winchester District to respond to the climate crisis and create positive, sustainable change. Since 2018, we’ve been partnering with WinACC. Initially starting on a rebranding journey, revitalising their visual identity and modernising all collateral materials. A fresh identity system was introduced, featuring a logo, a vibrant colour palette, digital first illustration styles, and a typography selection. This transformation was aimed at not only enhancing their visual appeal but also strengthening their message in the fight against climate change.

Since then we have updated their website to act as their central communications hub, allowing their members and experts to add 100’s of articles, reports and advice on how the community of the Winchester district and beyond can get involved to take action, support campaigns, projects to participate in and events to attend. We have created a bespoke web application that can calculate users carbon footprint through an interactive quiz packed with illustrations and information that advises on ways that the users can minimise their impact on the climate crisis.

WinACC Graphics Fallback

We have also worked with WinACC to create specific marketing campaigns to educate the communities on ways to further improve the journey to becoming carbon neutral 2030. We embarked on a communications campaign with the objective of gaining support for upcoming solar farm applications in the Winchester district. At the heart of this initiative was a captivating animation, seamlessly integrating live footage, dynamic motion graphics, and CGI motion graphics. This served as a powerful tool in swiftly debunking myths surrounding the benefits of solar farms for Farmers, Food, and Energy. Additionally, we crafted a comprehensive printed brochure. Brimming with insightful infographics, compelling statistics, and easily digestible content, to effectively demystify complex messaging for a wider audience.