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We work with you to create a brand that does more than just look good; it will bring cohesion to your people, clarify your purpose, and consistently perform.

  • Brand Workshops
  • Visual Identities
  • Web Design & Development
  • Organisational Values
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Graphic Design
  • Purpose, Mission, Vision
  • Concepting
  • Campaign Creation
  • Brand Positioning
  • Design Systems
  • Marketing Creative
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Motion Identity
  • Social Media Content
  • Naming

Brands and experiences that have impact.

At Think, we can plan, design and deliver your website project to give your users the best experience possible while also meeting your business goals. We can do everything from hand-coded bespoke solutions to WordPress backed easy-to-use websites.

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Our Process

We believe that whatever we create must be beautiful and achieve a meaningful purpose to our client’s goals. To achieve this, we work how you work and adapt our flexible, 3 step process to suit your project’s requirements.


We collaborate with you to define the brand’s purpose and personality.

Branding Process

No one knows your organisation like you do. We adopt your workflow and preferred style of working to get a true sense of perspective. Combining this with our strategic workshops and processes enables our work to reflect your personality, purpose and aspirations.

We can work with you to help position your brand in the marketplace. Our team will help you, your key stakeholders and your partners define everything from your brand ethos to your brand deliverables.

Our workshops can help organise your brands and products for the future to help people understand and navigate your offering.


We combine insight with imagination to create idea driven brands.

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We translate our findings and ideas into verbal and visual mediums. We use our multidisciplinary skillsets to craft meaningful and memorable brands that are bursting with creativity, full of purpose and future proofed for your brand’s commercial success.

We can produce full brand identities covering print, digital and motion mediums. This covers typography, colour palettes, layouts and much more. We compile all your brands into a comprehensive guidelines document so you can always maintain consistency when producing brand deliverables.

We can create a plethora of logo designs for your business. Whether that’s a new logo from scratch, refreshing your old one or one that needs to fit into your current suite of brands. We can make you a logo that turns heads.

We take all of our ideas and mockup a variety of brand concepts that we will collectively refine and hone down into the new look for your organisation. We will use high fidelity mockups and renders to help you visualise how your brand will translate into real life and to assist getting sign off from your stakeholders.


We deliver brands over digital, design and motion to connect with your audiences.

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Once we have finalised your new brand we can ensure that every touchpoint is considered, from word mark to website and execute high quality, consistent deliverables for all of your marketing needs.

We build brands as a suite of design elements that together make a meaningful unit. Brand systems can be dynamically expanded, contracted and applied across all mediums in a consistent, practical and easy to manage way. This ensures that your brand not only looks good today, but can also be translated for the technologies of tomorrow.

Once we have completed your brand, our multidisciplinary team can create a whole suite of assets and deliverables from a new website or animated social media content through to marketing collateral.

Digitally creative branding

We are a digital and creative agency, meaning we excel in the creative implementation to make your brand stand out from the crowd and we have the digital know-how to create a compelling and engaging digital platform. Our branding process has been finely tuned, so if you are looking to market a business or organisation that needs to thrive in the digital space, our team of creatives and developers can craft your brand and website in one seamless project.

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Physical and print collateral

With 20+ years production experience, our team of designers can take your new brand and create all of the marketing collateral for your business. From signage and hoarding to brochures and business cards, we can create, source and execute deliverables that will help make your brand stand out from the crowd.

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Nikki Bream,
Group Managing Director

“The whole process was collaborative, professional and enjoyable. They guided us through a series of workshops which allowed us to identify our brand positioning and identity, that we were instantly drawn to. All parts of the project were provided on time and to budget, and the team have been a joy to work with.”

Jane Baker,
Director of Marketing and Fundraising

“Think Creative combine brilliant creativity and design with great responsiveness and ultra-fast turnaround, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them!”

Paul Spencer,
Executive Director

“The Winchester BID team really enjoy working with Think, who look after our branding, websites and graphic design for much of our marketing and communications. They have a fantastic team of people who are professional, highly skilled, innovative and creative. The quality of the work they produce for us is always of the highest standard. ”

Alan Gurney,
Head of Marketing UK & Ireland

“The Think Creative team have been fantastic partners for Edyn. They have worked with us in an extremely collaborative fashion, coming back with innovative designs that have resulted in not only more sophisticated paid media ads, but have also allowed us to achieve much greater coverage with the platforms and funnel stages we can activate.”

Will Jones,
Chief Executive Officer

“Their work integrates seamlessly with our brand development. By helping us to prioritise what was important for our beneficiaries, supporters and clinical stakeholders., they have been a valuable partner and critical friend in Brainstrust's journey from small Winchester-based charity to national organisation.”

Chris Polatch,
Founder and Director

“Think Creative are just brilliant – no other word for it! They understand what is required and work together to achieve it. The results (they have developed a number of websites for us) are smart – visually and technically.”

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