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App Design

Our in-studio team of web developers and designers can craft you a functional and beautiful web application for your business, venture or event. From concept to execution we can design, develop and launch a bespoke product that will meet your requirements and exceed your users expectations.

What we do
  • Custom web applications
  • Progressive web applications
  • APIs and integration
  • Web application frameworks
  • UX/UI design
  • Concepts & prototyping

What is a web application?

A web application is a website, but it’s a website that does something, rather than just being something to look at. Built to bridge the gap between installable software and static sites, they are online based applications that allow you to access complex functionality without installing or configuring software. The benefits of web apps are the accessibility of a website, with the functionality and capability of software. This allows the website to perform tasks such as, recording video from a media device, sending push notifications to subscribed users, or displaying the user’s location on a map.

Our Process

Creating a web app from scratch is no small task. We use our collaborative approach to work with you in a jargon-free way to ensure that the product we are building together fulfils your specifications and budget. We will sit down with you at every stage to walk you through our app design thinking, web app development process and final launch so you always feel involved and in control.

What we do

Our team of designers will work with you to wireframe and prototype the app so that you can see firsthand what your user would experience and how our carefully considered design choices will be applied. From visual hierarchies to user workflows we will fine tune the design to the stage that your team has agreed how the app will look, feel and function.

Once this stage has been completed, our team of developers will build the framework of the app, and will begin building and testing the functionality of the back end. Once we have confirmed it all works according to plan, we merge the design and development together.

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What are the capabilities of a web app?

We have years of experience in web app development creating effective and functional applications for our clients. From complex mortgage and loan comparison platforms to interactive education games for medical professionals, we can produce informative and dynamic platforms that work on all devices to enhance the digital experience for your users. Here are a few examples of what we can build web apps to do:

Web App Examples

  • Local business directory with maps
  • Loan comparison and lead generation
  • Event check-in system using QR codes
  • Booking system for volunteer working
  • Simple games to communicate complex decisions
  • Interactive maps and location based experiences
  • Complex data management
  • Project management systems
  • Resource hubs
  • Education tools
  • Digital installations
  • Interactive FAQs and online chatbots

Did you have something else in mind for your app project?

What are the benefits of a web application?

Accessible on all devices

Accessible from all web browsers, with the availability on various personal and business devices. Web applications aren't exclusively available on a phone or tablet device. This can enable your team or customers to access your web application in different locations.

Simplicity for users

Web applications don't require users to download them, which removes the need for hard drive capacity and end-user maintenance. Similar to native applications, you will need an internet connection to get started. However our team can also develop offline versions that cache to your device, so you can use the application somewhere remote once you have had initial access to the application. Once your device is back online, the application will automatically receive software and security updates, keeping you up to date and less at risk of security breaches.

Efficient development process

Compared to native app design, opting for web applications offers businesses simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to shorter development cycles, we can efficiently create web applications that function seamlessly across all modern browsers and devices. This eliminates the need to create multiple iterations for various platforms.


Users, functionality, and additional elements can be seamlessly integrated into web applications as needed, without requiring extra infrastructure or expensive hardware. This flexibility allows for phased app development projects or continuous evolution and enhancement of app features according to your requirements.

What our clients say:

“Our website is a complex and ever-developing comparison engine that Think-Creative built bespoke and continue to manage. Our developments are usually ambitious and complicated, but we are yet to come across a problem they haven’t been able to solve. We have also just collaborated on an equally complex property investment portal. It is unheard of that a project of this scale, scope and complexity gets delivered on-time and to the standard they always meet, yet they’ve managed to pull it off.

They have become an invaluable extension of our team, and we couldn’t imagine working with another agency. If you’re looking for a team of developers that can do whatever you need, however you need it; you’re in the right place.”

Abbie Dickson-Davies

Head of Marketing


Featured Project


Propp is a comparison website for bridging loans, commercial loans, buy to let mortgages, secured loans, development loans and auction finance. The front end provides visitors with a table of loan products sourced from Propp’s own database or from a loan provider – Twenty7tec, depending on the product type.

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