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Mount Cleverest

Brand Development


Graphic Design

We were asked to brand and design Poptacular Games' new product, Mount Cleverest. A true or false trivia game suitable for adults and kids, the brief was to design an impactful, bold design that stood out from the sea of bright, multicoloured competitors. Working with triangular packaging, we came up with a variety of mountain themed designs, and ultimately settled on a dark minimalist design to stand out above the rest.

The branding was driven by two key elements, the geometry of the triangular packaging and the visual cues from mountaineering, survival and outdoor brands. The logotype was inspired by vintage lettering from alpine signage, and the logo icon acted as a minimalist reference to both the form of the box, and the layout of the question cards which were formed to satisfyingly align with the angles of the packaging so that they all flow together seamlessly.

We then expanded this design style to develop an icon suite, illustrated textures and design system to work across the game’s playing cards, with the intention that the look and feel remained constant throughout the player's experience. We then prototyped the designs using 3d software and printed mockups, constantly reviewing to get the look and feel just right. The end result is a very well received, best selling card game released in late 2022 as a perfect Christmas gift for kids and adults.

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