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Winchester Books Festival

Festival branding that jumps from the page.


Graphic Design

Video & Animation


Celebrating the simple joy of reading

After a successful debut, Winchester Books Festival approached us to support their marketing efforts for their second year. We worked with them to consolidate their brand identity across digital, print and animation with the goal of increasing impact and improving brand recognition. The brand they had so far worked well in its inaugural year, so as a start point we optimised and improved the existing assets and developed a brand idea to bring the assets together in a more impactful way. The idea visualised the core of the festival - celebrating the simple joy of reading. We developed a minimal and vibrant confetti graphic system consisting of minimalist shapes and applied this across all the assets to give a playful, energetic and consistent look and feel.

Crafting a new website

The key element of this project was ensuring that the branding flourished in the digital space. To do this we redesigned and developed their wordpress website. Using Elementor we produced an effervescent and engaging user experience bursting with videos and bespoke illustrations. We created a platform to explore and book tickets for both the core festival and stand alone events and also produced the festival’s print collateral, from event programmes to bookmarks carrying the new brand across all assets.

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